Easter 2012 in Playa del Carmen


Semana Santa 2012 en Playa del Carmen /  Easter 2012 in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo.     Playa del Carmen en Quintana Roo es un destino turístico de playa, ideal para pasártela de lujo en esta semana santa 2012, es la ciudad cabecera del Municipio de Solidaridad, parte de la Riviera Maya, conocida por sus blancas arenas y … [Read more...]

Travelling… a long term investment

It is well known that “Travel broadens the mind”. It allows us to get first hand experiences from the places we visit. We can get in touch with different cultures and ways of seeing life, trough images, people, food, activities, etc. Travel is one of the best investments we can make, its benefits stay in our mind and hearts forever. At Fusion, … [Read more...]