Fusion kids

Fusion kids

We are a huge family,  we are witnesses of many births,  costumers and friends  who came before melting in your singleness, now come to visit us with their families. This is why Fusion vibrates around  the world making friends and giving them a beautiful experience.  During  the beach day Fusion kids are the ones who makes this place cozy and … [Read more...]

The queen!!

Libby the queen!

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Live music! Reggae, rock & latin! "Kix Tik" fire show & belly dance every night! PROMOs! Tropic Swizzle, Caipiroska, Margarita Frozen $65 pesos Grand Margarita, Grand Mojito $85 pesos Cerveza 2x&65 pesos (bud, Corona, C. light, leon, victoria, pacifico, Montejo) 10am-6pm ALITAS Y CUBETAZO $190 pesos Girls special! COnsume una … [Read more...]

Promos of the week!!


  THANK YOU OCEAN! June 8th Live music! Reggae, rock, latin music. KIXTIK Fireshow & belly dance everynight! PROMOS: (10 am - 6 pm) *Bahama Mama, Holly Maria, Blue Lagoon $65 *Grand Margarita, Grand Ginger, Grand Cram $85 GIRLS NIGHT SPECIAL: for one drink consume, a shot of the house on us! Cerveza 2 x $65 … [Read more...]

Spring promos & entertainment!!


  LIVE MUSIC! Reggae, rock & latin music! Spring promos: Tommy Margarita, Mimosa Rosa, Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri Lima, Mentirita 65 pesos c/u (10am-6pm) Cervezas 2x65 (Corona, Victoria, C. light, Montejo, Pacifico, Leon) de 10am a 6pm COn la compra de una botella de whisky se te regalan 2 botellas de Perrier Precio especial … [Read more...]