Trick or Treat?


Halloween has its origin in a Celtic festivity known as Samhain which is derived from old Irish and means "the end of summer". Ancient Celts believed that the line connecting this world with the Hereafter narrowed with the advent of Samhain allowing spirits (both benevolent and malevolent) to pass through. It is believed that the used of costumes … [Read more...]

HALLOWEEN 2011!! Concurso de disfraces con muchos premios!!


  Live music! Reggae, Rock, Jazz & Latin music! Fireshow & Belly dance EVERY NIGHT! PROMOOOOS: Jager Buuuu...., Pato Lucas & Diablo 2x$120 (12-8pm) Bloody Mary & Mimosa 2x$100 (8-12pm) Cubetazo 5x$150 (12-6pm) Ladies Night  Jueves  (8-9.30pm) HALLOWEEN 2011 / 31 OCT Concurso de disfraces!! Live music, BLOODY Belly Dance … [Read more...]