The World Cup-FIFA in Fusion


ESTAMOS LISTOS PARA EL MUNDIAL EN FUSION FUSION TEAM, PROMOS, SCREEN, MEXICO, BRASIL, PASSION FOR FOOTBALL DAILY PROMOS- Margarita rocas-Long Island Ice Tea-$70 Daikiri Fusion-Caipiroska fusion - $90 (9am-6pm) Beer 2 x $70 (corona, corona light, victoria, león montejo) (9am -6pm) Live entertainment - Live Music - Belly Dance - … [Read more...]

YOUR WORDS – August 2011

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First of all, thank you everyone for sharing your experience with us! Your opinion is very important to us because it helps us to get better every day. Gracias a todos por compartir su experiencia con nosotros!! Su opinion es muy importante, nos ayuda a ser mejores cada dia! Gracias!! Randy- USA: "This bar rocks!"/"Este lugar es … [Read more...]

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  Gracias a todos por sus lindos comentarios en Trip Advisor! Su opinion es lo mas importante para nosotros y nos ayuda a ser mejores cada dia! Sigan compartiendo su experiencia! Thank you everyone for your nice comment on Trip Advisor!! Your opinion si the most important to us and help us to get better every day! Keep sharing your … [Read more...]