Mayan ceremonies and rituals


La tradicional Travesía Sagrada Maya en la que los antiguos mayas tenían una gran veneración a Ixchel, diosa de la luna, las mareas y la fertilidad. Cada año, los mayas hacían un peregrinaje para visitarla en su principal santuario, ubicado en Cozumel. El punto principal de partida era Polé, actualmente Xcaret, que cruzaban en canoas de madera. Con … [Read more...]


abril 2012

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Mayan Prophecies

calendario maya

- MAYAN PROPHECIES  -    When we reflect on and observe what happens in the world feel in one way or another apocalyptic times that are already present,  we  live today war time for any matter, causing major climate change calamity, in addition to natural disasters occur whenever it appears that they do so more forcefully, and not to … [Read more...]

New Schedule ☀


People ! We changed the schedule  of our bands and entertainment AGAIN !!!      -  Check it out, so you know exactly when your favorite band plays. -  … [Read more...]

St. Patrick’s Day


St. Patrick's Day     One of the greatest Irish festivals, St. Patrick's Day or Paddy's Day commemorates the death of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. A festive day for the Irish people, St. Patrick's Day is a festive public holiday the Republic of Ireland and also celebrated with much enthusiasm in places such as Canada, … [Read more...]