Fusion nights!

Noches fusion

Fusion is full of wonderful surprises every night!! Fire show - Belly Dance -live music and promos ever week! … [Read more...]

Spring drinks at Fusion beach


 Daily Promos  (9am-7:30pm) Whiskytlan- Whisky, apple and mineral soda Captain Cola- Captain morgan and coke Ketel melon- Vodka ketelone, fresh watermelon, mineral lemonade Beattanqueray- Gin tanqueray, mineral lemonade and orangeade   … [Read more...]

Travelling… a long term investment

It is well known that “Travel broadens the mind”. It allows us to get first hand experiences from the places we visit. We can get in touch with different cultures and ways of seeing life, trough images, people, food, activities, etc. Travel is one of the best investments we can make, its benefits stay in our mind and hearts forever. At Fusion, … [Read more...]