Mayan Prophecies



When we reflect on and observe what happens in the world feel in one way or another apocalyptic times that are already present,  we  live today war time for any matter, causing major climate change calamity, in addition to natural disasters occur whenever it appears that they do so more forcefully, and not to mention our individual and social everyday which shows that, whenever we are further from ourselves and others with the consequent deterioration of relationships.

Every day we get closer to the end of 2012.

Many people are talking about this issue and It is generating a collective panic absurd grounds that they had announced that the world would end in December 2012. Its not true.

The Mayan  never used the word END. Yes announced a turning point of great increase in the planet’s energy, which would cause events to destination, but definitive, in people.

Many people are talking about it and are not well informed about what really is or means.

There are 7 different prophecies, there are a lot of information that can be found in various parts on this topic. So to be aware of what they say, be aware and start changing some behaviors, instead of creating a collective panic, this is going to be useless, if not the opposite.

We decide to live this change, let´s do it with conscience, and with LOVE! We can make it happen. 

Do not wait until it’s too late.