Valentine´s Day in the Caribbean

 Valentine´s Day in the Caribbean Paradise

Have you ever wondered how it was you who started to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

As far as we know, there are different theories.  For us the most romantic and fun is how it began in ancient Rome.  As we know the Romans worshiped different Gods, according to their desires to great hopes, so they began to worship Eros, Greek God, Love God ♥, whom the Romans called Cupid. 
In exchange of  gifts and offerings, Cupid used to find your ideal lover or soul mate.

This explains why many of us celebrate this date and are accustomed to give any details or gift to our loved ones. 

Well, at Fusion we celebrate different, of course always with  LOT OF LOVE, but with a Caribbean style,  lots of FUN, great entertainment, little clothing and VERY VERY hot atmosphere!!    We invite you to share this special day with us from the earthly paradise, only here at Fusion Beach Hotel, Playa del Carmen, Q.Roo. 

You can find us at (984) 873 03 74 to Make your Reservations, or just come to Calle 6 & beach.